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Last winter when I brought my 1993 Toyota Camry in for its annual inspection, it passed, but just barely. I was told it would make it through winter, but I better start looking for a new ride. Although I was sad that the car that had been passed down from my grandfather to my brother and then finally to me would no longer be the car that chauffeured me to and fro, I was excited at the prospect of buying a new car! Due to the reliability of my Camry (and my desire to drive it into the ground– if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!), I had enough money saved up to actually buy a new car. Source: NLG

I went home and immediately started researching cars. What I had thought would be an easy, quick decision, turned into confusion and uncertainty. Do I want to buy used or new? Car or truck? Speed or safety? Blue or red? With so many variables to take into consideration, I became less and less confident in what I should do. At the same time, I had to make sure that whatever I chose fit my budget. Eventually, in my web surfing I stumbled upon a “decision tree” online that helped me narrow in on the right choice. By examining my needs and wants through a few simple questions, my decision became easier. The decision tree concept really stuck with me. I started applying it to more and more aspects of my life, but where I found it most beneficial was when I discussed retirement planning with a business owner family member of mine.

We kept things simple to start. How much are you looking to save? How many more years do you anticipate working. The deeper we went, the more clear the answer became. As the end of the year approaches, it’s vital for business owners everywhere to start planning ahead for pension season (yay, tax deductions!) and that means it’s time for business owners to commit to implementing a qualified plan for their business. To help your business owner clients pick the right plan, we have developed a qualified plan tool that will help your clients make the right choice. This tool will help you strategize with your clients as they search for the right plan for their business. Help them drive down the path to a secure financial retirement by getting the right plan in place before year-end.

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