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I don’t know the answer for everyone, but I can share what has been my experience as a woman in financial services. I’ve been in the financial and legal services business for 30 years and have seen so many changes– mostly for the good. Women in this business can thrive because of all the choices and different ways to frame a career. Source: NLG

For instance–do you love flexibility, working with a great diversity of people, having different opportunities every day? Do you love to listen to people? Or, do you prefer to have a position in a corporate setting, a bit more fixed in the daily routine but still engaged in an industry that impacts and influences the lives of millions?

Of course, not all women are the same. Some are maternal, others not. Some are great listeners, others just want you to get to the point. Some love sports, or the arts, or both. Some have attained higher education degrees, others have “natural smarts.” Some are self starters and need little direction, others thrive in a fairly controlled environment. Which are you?

The amazing truth then about financial services is that wherever you fall within these differences, you can find the path that lets you take advantage of the best of yourself. You can find a home in financial services–it may be working directly with clients or it may be working in the corporate setting. Whatever the choice, seize the opportunity that the financial services industry presents.

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