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Being a parent is exciting and fun but also exhausting and hard! Let’s be honest, if your parents were like mine, they gave us wooden spoons and metal bowls to play with and fed us a steady stream of McDonald’s Happy Meals or Chuck-E-Cheese (depending on your generation). But parents today have overwhelming choices ranging from brain boosting toys to organic non-GMO, free-range baby food. Whew! Talk about pressure. Here are 12 tried and true tips to keep you and that little bundle of joy – safe and joyful. Source: NLG

Baby Safety Tips

  1. Check to make sure your car seat is installed correctly. Not sure how? Go to and enter your ZIP code for car seat check-points in your area.

  2. Keep all cords bundled up (baby monitor, lamps, window blinds) to avoid the risk of accidental strangulation. Keep baby monitors at least three feet from cribs.

  3. Clean up clutter. Loose change, receipts, paper clips, hair ties, pen caps, etc. are all choking hazards.

  4. Install an anti-scald device for faucets and shower heads. Lower the temperature of your water heater to no higher than 120 degrees.

  5. Place covers over unused outlets.

  6. Put up safety gates in front of any stairs.

  7. Attach safety latches and locks on drawers that contain knives, scissors, sharp utensils and cleaning supplies.

  8. If you use an infant carrier, always put it on the floor.

  9. Anchor heavy pieces of furniture like televisions or bookshelves that could topple over.

  10. Never shake your baby or throw them up in the air. This can result in brain damage or even death. Learn more.

  11. Have an emergency contact that you can talk to for when you feel overwhelmed – and you will, because growing small people is hard work.

  12. Take care of you! Get enough rest, exercise and eat well. Utilize neighbors and family for much needed breaks (sleep and “me” time).

While it might not feel like it now, your baby won’t be a baby for long so enjoy your little bundle while you can!

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