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I put it off. Thought about it. Put it off some more. Entered and won a free lunch and financial planning session that left me with little desire to follow-up. But hey, thanks for the burrito! Fast forward nine years, a marriage, two jobs and one relocation later and I, now we, still had a need: a financial planner. Source: NLG

And then having a child changed everything, including our responsibility to plan ahead and think beyond ourselves.

So, after the sleepless nights were somewhat past us, my husband and I found a couple of local financial planners (via LinkedIn) and reached out.

When your life is summed up by a handful of financial statements, it’s pretty daunting. The thought of sharing those intimate details with a financial professional was a little nerve wracking. Yes, I feared judgment, perhaps even a touch of disapproval but mostly the unknown…

So we did it, and I have to say it wasn’t daunting, but helpful. We talked about our goals, our work and asked a lot of questions. Yes, there are things we can do better. But we’ve given ourselves credit for the good work we’ve done so far.

Having that outside perspective has helped take the emotion out of our financial discussions. There are still decisions to be made, reviews to conduct, but at least for now we can rest easy knowing that the wheels are in motion.

It’s easy to keep putting off, but when you take those steps to take control it feels good. You owe it to yourself and your future. After all, there are only so many times you can mention that your spouse needs to save more for retirement—but when they hear it from someone else, it might actually get through. And you might learn something about yourself in the process.

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