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Many companies are concerned about their brand and for good reason. What people think of a company and its brand can catapult it to new heights or take it to disappointing lows. Consider Apple; when it releases a new product, people camp out to be the first to get it. This is because Apple created an experience, not a product. They don’t think an iPhone is just a phone, it’s a way to connect with the people they care about. Source: NLG

Just like companies have brands, so do we. And our personal brands also have value. Just as someone has a certain experience with a company, they also have a certain experience with you.

So what kind of experience do you offer? What is your brand?

To answer this question you have to be honest with yourself. Do you think people trust you? Do you listen to hear or listen to reply? Are you quick to anger? Or do you prefer to stand in the shadows? Asking someone you trust questions like these can help you better understand your brand as well.

So once you figure out what kind of experience others have with you, why does it matter? Consider how you show up when you interview for a job, or go on that first date, ask for a raise, or try to persuade someone to consider your perspective. By focusing on making your own brand experience a positive one, you too can soar to new heights.

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