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There are not many jobs that allow you to receive that type of compliment. No, I’m not an EMT, a police officer or a doctor. I didn’t jump in front of bus and push someone out of the way. I did not perform CPR. I did what I have been doing for the past 13 years. I sold a life insurance policy. Source: NLG

A few months ago, my client, also named David, stopped by my office. We had become friends over the years and were catching up. As David was headed out the door, he turned to me and said, “I forgot to tell you, thanks for saving my life.”

It turns out that in June of 2010, shortly after I worked with him to apply for a life insurance policy, David received a letter from the Underwriting Department at National Life telling him to go see his doctor, immediately. The day David received that letter, he felt fine. He had no reason to go to the doctor. It was only because of the urging of one underwriter at National Life Group that he followed up with his doctor and learned that he had prostate cancer.

Thankfully the cancer was early-stage. David went through treatment and stayed in touch with me through it all. I never knew that it was because of the health screenings in the underwriting process that prompted David to go see his doctor. Later on, David told me, “If you didn’t have me go through those tests, I wouldn’t have known I had prostate cancer.”

Now David is cancer-free, has additional peace of mind through his life insurance and has gone on to pursue his life-long passion for antique cars. With some encouragement from me, he now owns a turquoise ‘57 Chevy–the same car he had in his youth.

I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to help people. But I never expected this. You don’t get thanked a lot in this business. Having a client and friend tell me I saved his life? No one’s ever given me a bigger compliment.

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